We love Afrobeat - DJ PISCES VS DJ DRAZEE Live@Proton the Club

Sa , 03.08.19 23:00 Uhr


WE LOVE AFROBEAT präsentiert AFROBEAT VS DANCEHALL! Our motto is "DJ style" DJ PISCES VS DJ DRAZEE", be there and experience the hottest tunes! This time we convince you with trendy music styles.

like Dancehall, Afrobeat, Afro Pop, Reggaeton, Kizomba, and of course the latest Hip Hop.
Our resident DJs would make sure you hear all the songs you want
Be There dont miss out!

When it comes to entertainment in The Gambia, the name Dj Pisces, rings a bell. Pisces is undoubtedly one of the leading reggae/dancehall Djs in The Gambia of our recent times.The award(trophy) winning One Tribe Sound was founded in 1997, in New York; and has become truly international, playing USA, Gambia, Germany, Sweden,Switzerland,Norway,Finland,Belgium,Senegal,Austria, and the U.K. Amongst its members is Mustapha ’Pisces’ Manjang,founder,and one of the most famous DJs in The Gambia. He is the one who started One Tribe Sound in the USA. Dj Pisces now resides in his home country,Gambia,so as to bring reggae/dancehall music to the door steps of the Gambian Population

DJ PISCES (One Tribe Sound)

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